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album art“Cádiz” by Cléa Galhano & Rene Izquierdo, 2024
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album art“Suite Havana” by Cléa Galhano & Rene Izquierdo, 2023
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“Se Esta Rua Fosse Minha” with Cléa Galhano, recorder and Clarice Assad, piano and voice

“Brasileirinho” with Cléa Galhano, recorder and Clarice Assad, piano and voice

latinpic“Hasta Alicia Baila (Guaguanco)” and “Menino”Both from Latin Reverie, Cléa Galhano and Rene Izquierdo, 2016

circle of the dance“Because of Love” from Circle of the Dance, Alma Brasileira with Cléa Galhano, Joan Griffith, and Lucia Newell, 2010

blue baroque band“Concerto in A minor, Adagio” from Party of Five: A Feast of Vivaldi & Telemann, 2006

belladonna“Fisherman’s Song” from Hui, Belladonna Baroque Quartet featuring Gao Hung, Chinese Pipa, 2005
duo“Rigadoons Furiana” from Songs in the Ground, Cléa Galhano and Vivian Montgomery, 2000
distribution of flowers“Bebe” from Distribution of Flowers, Cléa Galhano and Tony Hauser, 1998
folias festivas“Folias echa para mi Senora Dona Tarolilla de Carallenos” from Folias Festivas, Belladonna Baroque Quartet, 1998, 2001
“Villa-Lobos: Vivo” from Circulo Magio (Magic Circle), Cléa Galhano, 1996